May+Only a Year


Photographer: Madison Taylor


You know what’s sad? Realizing that someone hasn’t truly been in your life for almost a year. Yeah, you know the path this post is going. It always leads back to Ice King. It doesn’t feel like a year. I know in my last post I said that I settled for him because I thought he was my last shot. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I was deeply in love with him. He held a large portion of my heart. As I sit in my room packing up the things I’ve collected these past two semesters I can’t help but think about Ice King, and how just a year ago we promised to write letters, and vlog for each other, to always stay close. It’s amazing what time does to your life. I always feel guilty saying this, but I do miss him. I still hope for a “happy birthday”, or  “I’m sorry”, even  “I miss you, too” wouldn’t be bad. Because I do wonder if he ever thinks about me or misses me just a bit. Sometimes I want to ask him how he got over me, and can he tell me how because feeling this way every other week is becoming pathetic.

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