NYC Photo Diary+Happiness



13610_10203826835937410_7045436552613396131_n 10406997_10203821057352949_7733818785508309268_n 10407131_10203815163965618_1442282054349369260_n 10647226_10203809050532786_638711917456843307_n 10917456_10203812846147674_6175860557599521842_n 10986888_10203809039452509_5985047801469379770_n 11024278_10203813039912518_6301859890493153072_n 11026196_10203813854252876_1728212550988030671_n 11028021_10203814121859566_7347427977539663321_n 11035473_10203820107209196_6463288118161223292_n 11038115_10203827485793656_5564202753066897203_n 11043053_10203827509234242_1481433540331793828_n 11046403_10203812774785890_2461507480422632882_n 11046517_10203826403606602_3303349560106286201_n 11054363_10203811331229802_412883759729197594_n 20150304_203102 nyc1 nyc2

20150305_094204 20150305_110841 20150305_111608 20150305_112332 20150305_113246 20150305_113503 20150305_114202 20150305_115511 20150305_153054 20150305_155238 20150305_155242 20150305_160636 20150305_161759 20150305_164111 20150305_221006 20150306_131709 20150306_132143 20150306_132559 20150306_134539 20150306_134750 20150306_203647This was my first time in New York City. Throughout my whole trip I felt an unfamiliar feeling. By the end I realized what it was. It was happiness. Now I know what happiness really feels like, and I always want to want to feel it.

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