New Semester+Crystal Healing


I didn’t have the best break. It was mostly filled with stress and overwhelming anxiety. I spent my first weekend back to school in bed unable to get out due to my anxiety and depression. It was awful and I cried a lot. I really need to focus on my mental health this year. I want to be a better person. My anxiety and depression is not my fault but I feel like it restrains me.

I’ve been doing research on alternative ways to help anxiety and depression and decided to try crystal healing. I bought a rose quartz the other day and hope it works. Anything at this point is worth a shot.

The new semester has started and I can only hope for the best. My anxiety is getting the best of me but I’m trying to stay focused on RIGHT NOW and not the future so much. I need to get through each day without jumping ahead.

Do you know of any other alternative anxiety relief methods? I’m open to anything safe and legal of course. 🙂

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