Not Feeling Successful+Questioning Choices



Have you ever just looked at the people around you and wondered about your own life? I know that isn’t something that I should do but I find it hard not to compare my life to the lives of others. Have you ever wondered why you weren’t successful, or in love, or happy? It sucks not having everything planned out, and I know that isn’t how life works but I can’t shake the feeling of not feeling successful, or happy, or love around me.

I also question the choices I have made. Maybe if I just dealt with the bullying at my other college I would have graduated on time, or maybe if I just tried a little bit harder to be happy I wouldn’t be sad. If  I made an effort to visit Ice King when he asked me to even when I wasn’t feeling well, he would have stayed with me.

These are just some thoughts, I could just be having anxiety. What do you guys think about these topics?


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