Over it+Anxiety


I’ve never had such a bad anxiety attack before, it literally had the same symptoms as a low blood sugar. It was awful and I sat on my floor crying. I’m so over this semester. Today alone has been hell, I am so ready for this break, mostly so I can write and read without distractions. Balancing schoolwork is hard when you are so used to reading leisurely. It’s hard to keep a happy face when you feel like each layer of yourself is falling apart. I need a hot bath and a long nap in cozy new pajamas and a big cup of tea. Lot’s of tea, something yummy.

My anxiety has been on an all time high, and I know it’s only because all of the crap I have to do. I just hope the degree I get in the end is worth it. I also hope I get a decent career that will pay me a good amount of money. That way I can be able to afford the therapist I will more than likely need after these years.

Did I mention how much today sucked? Dear Monday, I hate you. Can you treat people better?

Sorry if this post is depressing. That’s just life right now.


4 thoughts on “Over it+Anxiety

  1. Let me give you some advice… I just recently graduated college. I majored in social psychology and minored in English. I spent so many nights crying from stress and my anxiety was at an all time high; especially during the last semested. You will feel like everything is falling apart but I promise you it will be okay. It’s a long battle but you will make it. Have some tea and take a few minutes to just relax. Take a deep breath and focus on it. You can do this!

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