Sex Life+First Time



When I was 13 I had a paper taped on my bedroom wall promising God that I would wait until I was married to have sex. I wore a matching promise ring with my best friend “A” and we went to church on Sunday’s checking out the cute boys. I’m not sure when I stopped wearing that ring, or took the paper off of my wall, or stopped going to church. I still see myself as religious, but I feel like it’s my personal thing, I don’t need to shove my beliefs down people’s throats. I have my own relationship with God.

I never had sex. I’m a virgin, not because I’m still waiting until I’m married, but because I never made it that far with a guy. Ice King and I were really close to it, but you guys know how our relationship played out. In sophomore year of high school when my friends were losing their virginity to the creepy senior boys I felt like an alien. Why didn’t the boys want to have sex with me?

How silly of me, those guys were gross, and didn’t care about my friends. They wanted one thing. I feel like  it wasn’t meant for Ice King and I to take that next step, because as the story showed he wasn’t even really “in love” with me as he said in his last email.

Sometimes when I tell people that I’m a 22 year old virgin they find it “cute” or “weird”, to me it’s not a big deal.  Because I want my first to be an amazing person. Who cares if he is my husband or not. Husbands lie too. I want my first to feel lucky to have me.

Virginity isn’t a bad thing, having lots of sex isn’t either. My body, my choices. Your body, your choices.

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