New Guy+Not Being Afraid of No

For the past couple of weeks I’ve had these short bursts of sadness. To be fair it has been a stressful couple of weeks. Sleep is hard to schedule, and I just want a nice home-cooked meal. I could really go for my spinach lasagna (yum). Anxiety has been higher, too. But like I mentioned a lot has been going on in my social life.


Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m looking forward to sleeping in, and good food.

Loneliness always seems to creep it’s ugliness over to me. As much as I say that dating is exhausting, and that getting to know someone new is draining, I still want to do it again. There is this guy I kind of like , we’ll call him “Mr.Private”, because just  like Ice King I want to keep him private. The thing is I have no confidence at all to say anything beyond hello. He’s very attractive and I just don’t know if I’m his type.

Back to my anxiety, I need to say no to some things. As much as I wished to be a comic book hero, I’m not. I need sleep, food, and water. I need time to recollect myself, and sometimes I won’t always be there for every single person that needs my help.

Saying no doesn’t make you a mean person, it just means you need time to rest up to be a more helpful person. You can only help others if you have your own things together.

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