Sick+Halloween Anxiety


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I have a cold.I wish I could go through the common cold like everyone else, but my diabetes doesn’t allow me to.I feel crappy, and anxious. And can I take a moment to point out the irony of this all? Last year, exactly a year ago today I was in the ICU because I got diabetic ketoacidosis, and the reason I got it is because a simple virus that everyone gets made me a million times sicker.

Tomorrow is Halloween and my excitement for it is dwindling down. I’ll be honest with you all, I haven’t been at my best these past couple of weeks. Ice King sent me the rudest email ever, stress has been piling up, and now this cold is making a comeback to haunt me on Halloween. I wish I had better news, but right now I want to bury myself in a warm blanket.

If anyone is interested in how I stay on track with my medications and meal plan when I’m sick, here is what I do:

I take my regular dosages of insulin, BUT only if I eat, which is hard because I have NO appetite. So I’m kind of relying on juices to make up those carbs that I would normally have in a proper meal.

As you already know, I have a soft spot for tea, so I just drink more than usual when I’m sick.

I tend to check my glucose level more frequently than regular days, mostly to make sure they don’t get too high, which is a problem.

I also take cold medications, just regular over-the-counter stuff.

I sometimes fail at this but I try to drink a lot of water, it’s important to stay hydrated when you’re sick, especially if you’re a diabetic.

Also if you have the chance please read this article the Recall Center put out HERE.

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