Talk About my Medicines+Healthy Food


I never really told you guys  about the medications I take daily. Well, if you’re new to my blog I’m a diabetic, type 2 to be more specific. When I was first diagnosed I only took an oral medication, Riomet ( the liquid form of Metformin). It worked well enough, but after last years DKA/ICU incident my new team of doctors decided to try me on insulin. I was terrified! Not of the needles,but the word. Since the day I was diagnosed I kind of looked at my diabetes as not a big deal because I was only taking a liquid med. Now I felt like my diabetes was more prevalent than before. So my doctors put me on really small dosages of insulin ( since I still make my own). The first one is Novolog( I take this with meals), and Lantus( for bedtime). Now almost a year later I love them both, and the fear is gone.


I take 4 units of Novolog for breakfast, and six for lunch, and dinner. I also take my Riomet again ( my doctor thinks it will make a difference with my blood glucose numbers , it does). Before bed I take 15 units of my Lantus. The only side effect I have is weight gain, but I’m not complaining. I think they are both great options.


Keeping up with this routine should be easy, but it’s easier said than done. I’m in college and we all know how the food in school is, but can you imagine it for a diabetic? Not only do I have an issue with the food, but scheduling time to eat gets frustrating. If I skip a meal I have to skip my insulin, and to me that throws off how I feel for the rest of the day. I have two 8 am classes and even though my professors are honestly the nicest ones I have, I HATE EATING IN CLASS. My mom was sweet and brought me some of my favorite yogurts to eat in the morning, I tried it today, and I think it helped. Lunch, what’s that? Dinner, I hate eating it so close to bedtime, it messes up my insulin schedule.


So maybe I underestimated college life, to my defense I was only taking one oral med twice a day three years ago when I was at another college. I’m trying to eat a lot healthier, but my resources aren’t that great. My mom sends me healthy snacks, which helps out tremendously, but I need to figure out how to have healthier complete meals, and eat them at appropriate times. So, do you guys have any ideas on recipes, or scheduling ideas? It would be very helpful!


Before I forget, did you guys know there is a such thing as a “Talk About Your Medicines” month. I think it is really cool, sometimes it’s good to hear what other people are going through. This month in particular is Testosterone awareness month. I don’t know much about it, but if you don’t either we can learn about it HERE!






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