Asking for Help+My Anxiety Story

Shaky hands, and erratic breathing, and tears flowing. I’m having an anxiety attack.  A full blown anxiety attack, but why? I don’t know to be honest, perhaps my new surroundings, or maybe the things I pushed to the back of my mind wants to making an ugly return. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I started college again. It’s funny because I’m happy, but I’ve been having anxiety attacks more than usual. I think I was nine when I had my first one. I would have them every once and awhile after that. I never told anyone, not even my mother. But a couple of days ago was the last straw. My mother came to visit me at school, and I had one, and she witnessed it. I finally told her that it wasn’t my first time having one. She hugged me, suggested I talk to a counselor(she is VERY supportive). I decided to take her advice, and do it. I emailed my school’s counselor and asked for help.

I set up an appointment and plan on going next week. I know it may seem odd to tell you all about this, but to be completely honest I think it could help. Do you know that women are 60% more likely to have an anxiety than men? I’m not ashamed of this, I realized that I need help, and I’m going to get it. When I set up the appointment I felt so much better. This isn’t a sponsored post, this is all me. These are my feelings, and my thoughts.


Through trial and error I have figured out ways to relax. For example, I could live in the library. It’s peaceful for me. I can sit in there and relax, and calm down. Ironically “Ice King” taught me how to do breathing exercises, writing helps too, and I try to do that more often now. But now I realized that I need help from someone that is an expert at this.

I want you guys to know that you can get through whatever you are going through. You can beat anxiety! You are not alone, I promise. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help, the only judgments that matter are your own. I truly care about every single one of you. Let’s get through whatever we’re going through together.

I have so many awesome things to tell you guys, but I really wanted to share this with you all. Stay strong, and look in the mirror and smile.




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