4 DIY Clothing Rack Ideas





By Emily Creswick of Zillow

Forcing garments and accessories into an already overflowing closet creates clutter and adds unnecessary stress to everyday life. Avoid the mess and stay organized by introducing a stand-alone clothing rack to existing bedroom décor.

Clothing racks are trending design elements. The extra storage allows savvy fashionistas to showcase their favorite items and easily select their daily outfits without fuss. Here are four ways to create a do-it-yourself (DIY) affordable clothing rack.

  1. Reclaimed Pallet

Find pallets from local small businesses or purchase from a home improvement retailer. Customize with paint or varnish treatment and add hooks and knobs to hold clothing and accessories. Adhere to the bedroom wall using heavy-duty hooks or mounting brackets. Alternatively, use the newly-reclaimed pallet as a shoe rack. Rest it against the wall and hang heeled shoes over the rungs.


  1. Suspended Branch Rack

Create a clothing rack using a sturdy piece of wood from nature or purchase from a craft retailer. Ensure hangers fit around the diameter before hanging. Customize the branch with paint and use a sealant to avoid splinters and leaking sap. Suspend by securing two eye-hooks in the ceiling with screw anchors, and hang using chain or sturdy wire on each side. Ensure the branch is resting 5-feet above the floor for easy access.


  1. Portable Wooden Clothing Rack

Build a wooden, rolling clothing rack using a rectangular cut of wood, metal or PVC piping. Construction also requires elbow attachments, floor flanges, four rubber wheels with swivel plate casters and screws. Customize the wood and piping with paint and then create the rack frame using pipes and elbow attachments. Attach the frame to the rectangular wood base using floor flanges and screws. Finish by fastening the four wheels on the bottom to make it portable. Wooden, rolling clothing racks complement industrial-, rustic- and eclectic-designed spaces.


  1. Upcycled Ladder

Utilize vertical wall space by adding a vintage ladder with rung shelving. Lean it against the bedroom wall and adorn with jewelry, shoes and lightweight clothing items such as tank tops and t-shirts. Alternatively, hang the ladder from the ceiling in a similar fashion to the suspended branch rack. Add four eye-hooks in the ceiling and four eye-hooks to each corner of the ladder and suspend using sturdy wire or rope. Depending on the distance between rungs, clothing hangers fit on each rung or the sides of the ladder.

These easy and creative DIY clothing rack options create more storage and better flow in the bedroom. If additional clothing storage is not making enough of an impact, consider bedroom renovations or look for a new home with an oversized walk-in closet.


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