Wish You Were Here+Moving On




Thank you all for the support on my second to last post, I really appreciated it. I’m not sure how it would have been received, but I’m happy to know others feel the same. since that post I have been thinking a lot, especially after a certain incident happened a couple of days ago. When me and the Ice King were together we shared a love for music, especially rock. Pink Floyd was a mutual favorite of ours and it was something we shared in the very beginning of the relationship.

One event that sticks in my mind, is a day after our first date. I became sick, and had to cancel plans we had to visit The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I really wanted to spend more time with him but I was just not well enough. That Sunday we talked for hours through text(a common thing), him mostly trying to get me to feel better. He asked me if I liked Pink Floyd, I said yes. He said “I recorded myself singing one of their songs,I’ll send it to you to make you feel better”. I was excited, and appreciative. A few( okay not a few) minutes later I found the email he sent in my inbox. I then tried to download it, but I remember it doing this weird thing where it went to my Google Drive first.

Finally I got the song downloaded to my computer, and listened to it. Like his talking voice, his singing voice soothed me. Whenever we weren’t together and I was feeling afraid,or lonely I would listen to it. When we broke up I got rid of all of our photos,emails,texts,just recently our Facebook messages,the sweet necklace he gave me, and even the song was deleted from my computer-so I thought. I was sure any trace of our relationship was gone, and to be honest there were (sometimes still are) times when I felt like getting rid of his things was silly. Because the pain was still there regardless.

As I was doing some work for a project I was kind forced to use my Google Drive. There it was- Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd (Ice King’s version). The shock, confusion, and oddly enough: the excitement.  I couldn’t help but want to listen to it one more time. I did. And guess what, I took it as a sign, a sign to forgive him, forget the negative things about the relationship, and move on.

I’m sure I will delete the song-for good, because how else will I move on? Have you ever been in a situation like this, or similar?


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