The Persimmon Tree Tea-Fruit Fusion Review


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When it comes to fruit teas, they are my favorite. I like a balance of sweet and sour. So when I was sent Fruit Fusion From The Persimmon Tree Tea I was really excited. The tea has a variety of fruits in it, its an herbal tea, too! I love the strawberries, and apples in it. It turns into the mot beautiful deep scarlet color. It is already naturally sweet, but I like adding my own sweetener to it, it’s delicious. I can honestly say that I have no complaints. Just like the Chai, it’s a few cups away of being gone. This tea is on my list to buy.

Another great thing about this particular tea is that it’s great for cold brewing(learn about that here). I even made a nonalcoholic sangria with it.

Another reason I enjoyed this tea so much, is because of how it reminded me of a tea I would drink as a child(this is a whole lot better though) so I guess I was feeling nostalgic.  I’m sorry about the lack of photos, and recipe. I’m working on that, so a recipe post should be coming up soon hopefully. If you want to learn everything about tea,specifically loose leaf check out The Persimmon Tree’s blog HERE. They are amazing, and have the best varieties of teas.


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