The Persimmon Tree Tea-Masala Chai Review

I’ve always loved chai tea, especially iced. I would buy a cup of it everyday. I had the opportunity to receive some loose leaf Masala Chai from The Persimmon Tree Tea, so good! It’s spicy, and sweet, and gives off a warmth due to the many spices in it. The cinnamon, and cardamon make the tea, along with cloves, and ginger. I steep it for seven minutes to get the full flavor. I’ve also made many recipes with it including this milkshake.

I highly recommend this tea, if you want something spicy go for this. The Persimmon Tree Tea has other chai flavors so maybe you’ll find something you will like, but this Masala Chai is my absolute favorite. I’m definitely going to purchase the biggest size. I am one cup away from being finished with it already!



If you are new to my blog, The Persimmon Tree Tea company sells loose leaf teas. They also donate a percentage of their sales to the Project Hope School Foundation. I really recommend this tea, it’s my favorite( well one of many).




Here is a recipe I made using the Masala Chai. I mixed milk, and Bailey’s creamer with the tea, and added ice. So refreshing, and different.

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