The Persimmon Tree tea reviews

I was lucky enough to be sent two loose leaf teas from The Persimmon Tree. The Persimmon Tree company is based in California, and sells a remarkable amount of various loose leaf tea blends that are fair trade.You can find everything from various chai teas to herbal teas. The Persimmon Tree is also very involved in social causes, by donating 10% of their profits to the Project HOPE School Foundation , a charity that helps children have an exceptional school environment. You can donate HERE .The two teas that were sent to me were Jasmine Passion and Wellness Blend. Both are so delicious. It has been a bit chilly here in Cleveland and just recently made it to 80 degrees, so I have been drinking both teas hot, but they are able to be iced.


Wellness Blend
Wellness Blend

Jasmine Passion
Jasmine Passion

The Wellness Blend is a light, refreshing tea with earthy and floral notes. I never tried loose leaf tea before and was kind of nervous about using it at first. But soon I realized that it is a lot better than bagged tea, mostly because you get the health benefits directly from the tea. I’m trying to drink less coffee, because of how much caffeine it contains, so drinking and enjoying more tea is a goal of mine. If you’re new to loose leaf tea I would highly recommend Wellness Blend, because of how versatile it is. Try it sweetened, or with lemon.tea4

Jasmine Passion was my favorite! It’s floral, and fruity. The color is also so dark and rich. I can’t wait to make iced tea out of it. It is very refreshing, if you want a bit of caffeine(a lot less than coffee) go for this tea. It is a mixture of organic black tea, organic green tea, and jasmine flowers. The cool thing was that I could see all of the ingredients, a plus to having loose leaf tea. I give this tea a 10/10.

My first experience with loose leaf tea has been amazing. I will say though, that I probably need an infuser. Right now I’m just pouring the hot water over the tea directly in my mug(which is okay, because it stays at the bottom) But an infuser would probably make things easier to clean up.

I would also probably try German Rock Sugar, I’ve heard many great things about it, for instance white sugar takes away from the flavor of the tea. You can actually buy the sugar from The Persimmon Tree . Also the teas are reasonably priced, and come in recyclable tins. Which I love, and can’t wait to reuse.Try a sample if you are curious about these teas. Trust me though, you won’t be disappointed. You can also follow The Persimmon Tree on Facebook


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