Writer Notes: My Writing Process

This will be a new thing on my blog where I give tips on writing. I’ve been writing for a very long time I’m currently writing my first novel. I have some tips,and of course I will continue to learn ,so my tips will continue to grow.

  1. Sometimes I write based off  of my many daydreams or maybe I’ll read an article,or see a person that I think needs a story.
  2. I write out an outline for each chapter(keep in mind the outline changes sometimes dramatically)
  3. I like listening to music, specifically whatever my characters would listen to. For example,I’m listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix,Pink Floyd,and Nirvana(Nevermind)
  4. I sometimes write at 3am,other days 3pm. Whenever I have quiet time. When I write at 3am I like being able to just sit in the dark and think. I think about what the characters would think. But sometimes if I get done writing a sad scene I like to get out of that world of my book,and do something to bring me back into reality. Maybe I’ll bake,cook,or just watch my favorite T.V. show.
  5. I try to write thirty pages a day, every week. This doesn’t happen all the time. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve written one sentence a day and that was it. It happens sometimes,don’t write something that isn’t there.

I’ll add more tips when I notice them. You’re welcome to ask me questions!

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